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5 Reasons To Use The Sauna on The HCG Diet

Did you know that using a sauna on the HCG Diet can be beneficial to you?

When you read The Skinny Summary, you find a lot of different rules that you have to follow. However, to my surprise, there is nothing in the Protocol about whether or not it's okay to use a sauna.

This is actually good news - Because...I think that the use of a sauna can be very beneficial to those of us that are using the HCG Weight loss Diet. Let me tell you why I believe this...

5 Reasons To Use A Sauna on The HCG Diet

1) Saunas Cleanse and Rejuvenates The Skin You are not allowed to use very many skin products on the HCG

Diet, so a sauna is a great way to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin naturally.

2) Mental And Physical Relaxation - There is a lot of mental and physical stress that comes along with dieting, especially on VLCD like the HCG Weight Loss Diet - Using a sauna is a great way to relax both mentally and physically.

3) Removes Toxins - Saunas promotes sweating, and sweating is a way for our bodies to get rid of toxins that are in our bodies.

4) Improving Your Immune System - Saunas are a also said to help improve your bodies immune system. This is important for staying healthy.

5) Burns Calories - Sitting in a sauna for a while can even help you to burn calories. Since that is our goal with the HCG Diet, we should take extra help.

Saunas create a condition of fever, which activates all the organs of the body. This can be a natural cure for headaches and even the common cold. Sweating cleanses and also helps to remove waste from our bodies.

So I think that using a sauna can do a lot to help us; not only in losing weight, but in becoming healthier too. However, there are some health risks for some individuals out there, so make sure that you are not one of these people before you do use a sauna.

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