10 Mistakes To Avoid On The HCG Diet

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The HCG diet is not that difficult or complicated, but there are several places where you can slip up and make mistakes. The more mistakes that you make during the diet the more difficult it will be to achieve consistent losses and maintain weight loss results.

To get the most out of the diet, you should avoid these ten common HCG diet mistakes.

1. Not reading Dr. Simeon's Pounds & Inches

This is the #1 mistake most people make on the HCG diet, without even realizing that this mistake can ruin their whole diet. Before you make a decision in excitement and dive into any kind of diet, it is important to take a moment to educate yourself and think why you want to start it. It would be a bad decision if you start the diet just because everyone else is doing it. If you start this diet without the proper information it is very likely that you will become frustrated and throw in the towel. If you're considering this diet or have embarked on this weight loss journey but ave not yet read the manual, click here to get started. You should read the manual at least one time so you know what to expect once your diet starts. You don't want to make mistakes just because you didn't take the time to read the manual,

2. Not Following Protocol

The HCG diet protocol is not that complicated, but it does have a few requirements that you MUST stick to. One of the biggest mistakes that dieters make is not following protocol. Some of these requirements include avoiding cosmetics with oil, sticking to a very specific list of HCG approved foods, using only HCG approved seasonings, using stevia without dextrose, etc. The list of requirements is published in my e-book TheSkinnyHCG Quick Start Guide. You should know which protein, fruits and vegetables you are allowed to eat. Keep the list of approved foods readily available, and only stick to those foods. The more closely you stick to the recommendations, the more the HCG diet is going to work for you.

3. Eyeballing Portion Sizes

The HCG diet requires careful measuring of portions to ensure that you don't eat too many calories and that your meals are not too large. You need to be accurate with your protein choices. Each serving of protein is exactly 3.5 ounces or 100 grams and vegetables are no more than 2 cups measured raw. Be sure to have a digital food scale available to measure out your portion sizes accurately and stick to using it throughout the diet every time you cook, especially during Phase 2.

3. Eliminating Fruits

Many who choose to do the HCG diet find it perfectly okay to do the protocol the regular way like eating their fruits and carb options. However, there are those who chose sometimes not to include the fruits and carb options in their protocol. Why? Increased sugar addiction Cravings

Those who chose to eliminate fruits and carbs completely find their cravings disappear too. Those who cut-out on their fruit options find it easier to focus on their protein. By removing fruits, they have plenty of rooms for the calories from proteins.

Things to remember when removing the fruits and carb options

Be careful with your blood sugar level especially during the first few days of the very low calorie diet. Since you’ll be on a very low carb diet (VLCD) and you choose to remove the fruits and carbs, your blood sugar level may also tend to be a bit low. You might actually end up having a low ending weight if you choose to remove fruits during the phase two of the HCG diet.

4. Not Tracking your Progress

Tracking your progress while on hCG diet is very important. Tracking consists of weighing-in, recording body measurements and keeping a journal. You MUST be consistent in order to get accurate results. You should weigh in every morning (same time each day), after you have used the restroom BUT before you eat or drink anything. For a more accurate reading, I recommend you use a quality digital weighing scale. Check out my HCG Essentials on Amazon where you can find my favorite digital scale. Its pretty easy to use, and your numbers are automatically uploaded to an app.

Tracking measurements weekly can also be very useful. There are times you won't see the progress on the scale but you will certainly see the change with inches. Start by measuring your waist, hips, thighs, calves, arms, forearms and neck;

Take a brief moment to feel good and celebrate your weekly win!

I also recommend keeping a journal. Making better food choices and taking charge of our relationship to food comes with some emotional and psychological effects. Record these thoughts and feelings. Being able to reflect on these help you to understand why you view food the way you do and help to develop a healthy relationship with food.

5. Intense Exercise

Any exercise outside of your normal daily activity on the HCG diet is a mistake and can actually make your diet go a lot worse. While you are following the HCG diet, your main focus should be on careful food consumption and taking sufficient HCG dosage. Because your calorie consumption is way too less than normal routine, excess exercise is not advisable. Your body is already going through weakness, hunger and has low energy levels. It is possible that your body will not be able to withstand the exertion of the exercise. It can also lead to water retention in your body. So if you want to work out during the HCG diet plan, you should opt for taking a 30 min walk or gentle yoga flow.

6. Forgetting the HCG

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in our body and nothing natural can harm our body. It basically resets our metabolism which is responsible for the major functioning of our body.

Don't forget the most important thing — the HCG. Trying to subsist on 500 calories a day without HCG for multiple days in a row will be uncomfortable, unhealthy and very unsuccessful. If there's no HCG to release abnormal fat into the bloodstream to serve as your nutrients for the day, you will be starving yourself and that is a miserable existence.