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Maintenance PHASE

I'm sure you've thinking, there's more to this diet??? Well yes, there is! The Maintenance Phase takes a total of six weeks. During the first three weeks, you will increase your calories and slowly reintroduce other foods back into your diet. This phase stabilizes the body at your newly achieved goal weight. In order to do this, you must follow the steps of the maintenance plan EXACTLY! 

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Weight Loss Essentials
Maintenance ONE

Maintenance 1 (M1/Week 1)

During this phase you will begin to increase your calories but you will refrain from adding any CAUTION FOODS for the first week.


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Maintenance TWO

Maintenance 2 (M2/Week 2)

During this phase you may begin to introduce 1-2 CAUTION FOODS daily. These foods are to be added only if you were stable in Week , meaning you did not have to do a steak day. If you have not been stable for one week, continue with the M1/Week 1 suggestions until stable.

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Maintenance THREE

Maintenance 3 (M3/Week3)

Once you've made it to M3 you're at the halfway mark. During this week you can begin to incorporate 2-3 CAUTION FOODS per day. Again, only add more caution foods if you were stable in Week 2. Your goal is to gradually add caution foods and stabilize while doing so as that will make Maintenance 3 and beyond very easy for you.

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