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HCG Diet: Phase Two - The Weight Loss Phase


Welcome to the weight loss phase of the diet - Phase 2 or 'the very low-calorie diet' days. The day after your last load day is your first day of VLCD. You will continue taking your drops during this time. You can stay on VLCD up to 43 days but you must complete a minimum of 26 consecutive days, without breaks or cheating, even if you've reached your goal. 

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How Many Calories to Consume on VLCD

Dr. Simeon's original protocol requires a total consumption of 500 calories daily. This is the program I used when I first did the diet. Others have opted to use the newer 800 calorie diet by increasing their protein intake and have had successful rounds of weight loss and maintenance. I think the decision to eat 500 or 800 calories is entirely up to the individual. Once you've determined which calorie count is best for you, follow the basic steps outlined below:

1. Take your HCG 

Start taking HCG the first day of Phase 1. Follow this schedule with the drops for the entire course. If you miss a dose, you can make up for it later with a larger dose. 


Do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after taking the drops. Take a total of 30 drops PER Day (not per dose) using your dropper. 

  • 10 drops or 0.5 dropper 15 minutes before breakfast

  • 10 drops or 0.5 dropper 15 minutes before lunch

  • 10 drops or 0.5 dropper 15 minutes before dinner


Hold the drops under your tongue for 15-30 seconds and then swallow. It's that easy!

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2. Weigh Yourself  Daily

Step on the scale before you eat or drink anything and right after you use the bathroom - record your weight. I recommend using a digital scale since these can provide a truer and more accurate weight. This will be your actual starting weight (SW). Use your measuring tape to measure your neck, arms, thighs, hips, and calves. You will want to keep a record of this on your progress chart (included in The Skinny Complete Diet Guide). It is possible to not have a release or lose pounds but you're still losing inches.

3. Eat to Hunger 

As the HCG settles into your system, you will find some days it is very difficult to consume a total of 500 calories. On the days I felt full I listened to my body by not trying to overeat. However, I do recommend you get all of your protein in and skip either the fruits or vegetables if you need to. 

Phase 2: Part 1 - VLCD Days with HCG

During these days you must continue taking the drops and follow the VLCD diet precisely. Any deviations will affect the long-term results of resetting the body's metabolism, which means the possibility of gaining weight without much effort. The food plan must be followed exactly. You may experience hunger during the first week especially if you didn't eat enough fat on load days. This will go away after about 3-5 days. You may also experience symptoms like headache skin rash, and light fatigue. These are signs the body is cleaning out the toxins from your fat stores. The best remedy is to drink extra water to flush out the toxins. If you have symptoms you feel are too severe, stop taking the drops and contact your doctor.  

Sample menu for Phase 2 / VLCD 

Breakfast may include:

unlimited tea or coffee (sweetened only with all natural stevia)

one tbsp of milk per day (not necessarily for breakfast)

some enjoy one of their daily pieces of fruit at this time


Lunch includes:

Protein: 100 grams/3.5 oz of totally lean meat. It must be weighed raw and all visible fat must be removed. Choose from any of the approved proteins for Phase 2. 

Vegetables: No mixing vegetables. Choose one vegetable form the approved list for Phase 2. 

Carb/Bread: One grissini breadstick or 2 thin Wasa crackers

Fruit: One fruit from the approved list for Phase 2. 

Grapefruit Slices

Dinner offers the same menu choices as lunch; however, you should not eat the same foods. In fact, it's best to eat different choices for dinner than you had for lunch. 

*You will find a helpful list of VLCD safe foods in the HCG Quick Start Guide*


Please note, salt is fine on the diet and you shouldn't worry about retaining water unless you experience a plateau(stall). You can have herbs and spices but avoid premade mixes because most contain sugar. 


Exercise Dr. Simeons encourages light exercise, like walking or yoga up to an hour a day but it is not required. Two rules to follow if you want to exercise: (I) If you haven't done any for the last few months, start slowly, and (2) strenuous exercise  - even if you have been doing it for 6 + months - will cause fatigue and weight gain, so no lifting other than light toning weights and no running or intense aerobic activity.


Water You must drink a minimum of two liters of water each day. If you drink caffeinated coffee or tea or if you add exercise to your program, you must increase your water intake to make up for the dehydration.


Personal care products Avoid personal care products containing oils. This includes massage oils, facials, hair coloring and using ointments for skin ailments.


Medicines and vitamins Supplements are not necessary during VLCD, and some products might slow your losses. If you feel you must take supplements, ensure they contain no sugar or starch. Avoid laxatives, diet pills, diuretics, cortisone, cough syrups/drops and other over the counter medications. Take your prescription as prescribed by your doctor including oral contraceptives and antidepressants. Aspirin is the only acceptable non-prescribed pain reliever. Steroids, hormones, and antibiotics may stall weight loss in some cases, so only take them if required by your doctor. 

Phase 2: Part 2 - VLCD Days without HCG


When you're ready to finish VLCD, whether you're at 21 days or 43 days, you must take your last dose of HCG and stay on VLCD for 72 or more hours. This allows time for all of the HCG to leave your body before you start adding foods back into your diet. Without these 3 days, you would start gaining weight on your first day of maintenance!


During thse days:​

  • LDW: Your Last Drops Weight is a very important number! YOur LDW is the weight you were on the morning of your last dose of HCG. So, if your last dose was Satruday night, your LDW is whatever the scale read on Saturday moring. Make note of this number and we'll talk more about this in the maintenance section (more to come later).

  • HCG: No HCG is to be consumed during this time. YOu won't need it again until your next round.  If you're going to wait 4-6 months, any left over HCG shouold be stored in the refrigerator. Otherwise, no refrigeration is necessary. 

  • Food: Follow the VLCD diet preceisley. The homeopathic HCG drops tend to leave the body faster than HCG injections, so if yu have intense hunger on the third day, increase your protein and vegetables at one or both meals, but don't eat anything that is not approved for VLCD until it has been 72 hours since your last dose of HCG. This mas if your last dose was 7:00pm on Monday, you can eat from the Maintenance I food list for dinner Thursday after 7:00pm.

  • Exercise, Water, Personal Care Products and Medicines are the same as VLCD with HCG.

#theskinnyhcg diet drops are made with s

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet is the most rewarding part of the program. Even with potential stalls and setbacks, seeing it through to the end will guarantee results.

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