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HCG Diet: Phase One - Load Days


The first phase of the hCG diet is known as phase 1 or the loading phase. Many people may mistakenly believe that such a short phase is not that important but, in reality, it is critical. HCG Phase 1 lasts for two or three whole days. This is the time for you to truly enjoy whatever high calorie, high-fat foods you love. 

+ The "loading phase" or  "binge phase", is the time to load up on thousands of calories. HCG takes three days to properly enter your system. Eating a diet high in fat and calories gives hCG time to circulate throughout your body and build fat reserves. 


+ Ultimately, this phase will help prevent fatigue, loss of energy, and extreme hunger when you enter Phase 2 of the diet. One complete round of the HCG diet consists of four Phases: The loading phase, weight loss phase, maintenance phase, and life phase. Each phase of the diet is different, but first, let's breakdown Phase 1.

Days 1 - 3 are called "Load Days" or "Gorge days"...It takes HCG about 2-3 days to fully enter your system, so during these days, you will load up on high-fat foods. You should load for an additional day if you have been eating low-carb high fat or if you have a history of yo-yo dieting. During the first two/three days, you can eat anything you want. Yes, that is correct -  I did say eat anything you want. During the first phase, you are free to eat whatever you crave. Use this time to indulge in whatever you truly like. Consume high-calorie and high-fat foods during this phase. The key is just to enjoy your food before you embark on changing not only your body style through weight loss but also resetting your metabolism.

Is Loading Really That Important?

Yes, yes, yes! You're probably thinking why would I want to gain weight while I'm trying to lose weight? Most people gain 1 to 6 pounds during the load phase; however, it is also possible to gain even more or lose some. But don't panic! Any weight you gain, you will quickly lose during the first few days of the diet. This phase is important for you to store up all the fat cells and calories your body needs. This along with the HCG helps your body to avoid starvation, reduce cravings, mentally prepare for the low calories and store up fat reserves which you will need during Phase 2. 

What To Eat During "Load Days"

During the loading phase of the hCG diet plan, Phase 1 it is truly all about the fat. On load days you must eat as much fat as possible. Though this may sound like a lot of fun, it can be surprisingly difficult, especially on Day 2 when the HCG is starting to work, making you feel full.

Eat more than you want to eat (much more than you would normally eat). This is your time to indulge in all of your fatty favorites - bacon, eggs, cheese, butter, ice cream, avocados, mayonnaise, nuts etc. However, it's really important you don't confuse sugar and carbohydrates with fat. This is not the time to eat too many starches like cakes and pasta etc. If you fill up on starch instead of fats, your body will not have enough excess fat to keep you from being hungry and actually increases sugar cravings during your first week of Phase 2.  (Click here for a list of high-fat foods). 


When to begin taking HCG...


Begin taking your drops on your first day of loading. This period allows the HCG to fully enter your system and will encourage your body to work properly so you can lose weight when you begin phase 2. 


I also highly recommend you use this time to stock up on all of your HCG essentials by preparing yourself for all the items you will need during the weight loss phase. You will want to have everything you need to succeed readily available once you've completed Phase 1. (Click here for the HCG Quick Start Guide).

So, you see Phase 1 is an essential phase of the diet and is super easy to follow! Once you've completed the first phase you are ready to begin Phase 2: The Weight Loss Phase.

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