You are here because you’ve decided that you’re ready to take charge of your body and your life by reaching your ideal weight. To succeed, you first need to understand how and why the HCG Protocol works like no other diet and has a truly remarkable success rate of over 70%.

The HCG Protocol is clear-cut and straight forward, but every detail counts. It only takes a few weeks to reach your goal for each weight-loss cycle.


How Does HCG Work?


When used for weight loss, a tiny dose of HCG tells your hypothalamus to release and mobilize abnormal stored fat, but not vital structural fat. Instead of relying on the new fuel, the calories you need come from stored fat released into the bloodstream.


When this happens, you feel full and have little or no hunger, even with your daily food intake of 500 calories – as long as those 500 calories are from foods on the Protocol. The rest that you need to burn each day is taken from stored fat.


Our signature program has adapted Dr. Simeons’ plan with the use of skinny drops!


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