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Have you considered doing the HCG Diet, or struggling with unanswered questions and in need of Support?

When I first learned of the HCG Diet, I was forced to do ALL the research. The first step was finding an HCG supplier but I had no idea what to do after that.

I was totally confused!

This is what motivated me to compile all of my knowledge and experience into one place where you can have easy access to everything you will need in order to have total success on the HCG Protocol.


So, if like I was, you find yourself tired of all the guessing and failing at the hCG Protocol, or you've tried it only to regain all the weight. If you're confused by all the various protocols and 500 vs. 800 calories I would love to work with you.

One of the main reasons for total frustration or failure on the hCG diet – whether it’s cheating, substituting foods, or giving up early, is



You do NOT have to do this alone.

I am available to guide you through each Phase in order to help you achieve and maintain weight loss success! Review the plan options below and see which program works best for you.